Fighting Cancer

Cancer is a word that no parent wants to hear. Its a word that can flip the world upside down. On November 1, during what should have been a routine doctor’s appointment for their two year old son Kyle, Dustin and Elizabeth White eventually found themselves looking at just that world.

This is a situation that hundreds of parents find themselves looking at each year. The entire ordeal is stress stacked upon stress, and we at Midwestern Scout would like to help a bit to relieve some of that. In order to do that, we will begin selling special prints, where all the proceeds will go towards helping families who have a child with cancer.

The first family that will be a beneficiary to these funds will be our editor’s family. Often it takes a crisis to push people forward and their crisis is exactly that for us. However, this will be a running fund. As an organization, we will continue providing new prints to build this fund, with the goal that other families can have one more piece of support.

The first print we will be offering is a 16×20 photo of a bison, printed on wood. We’ve chosen the bison specifically as it is Kyle’s favorite animal. The cost of the print is $250, with free shipping.

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A GoFundMe has also been created, and prints are also available here. Two prints are available, a 4×6 print of the photo below, as well as a 16×20 print of the above photo. Both prints are high quality paper prints.


If you would like to donate directly to the fund, you can do so by mailing us at:
Midwestern Scout
P.O. Box 217
Mandan, ND 58554.