About the Founder/Editor

For two years, I worked as the editor of a weekly newspaper. Being a small community paper, I quickly took on many roles; reporter, photographer, copy editor, designer … While my official position was as editor, the other roles I began to take upon myself ignited a spark.

The spark turned into a passion; a passion for the history, the culture, and blossoming art scene in the Bismarck-Mandan Metro area, as well as for the Midwest. Working for the weekly newspaper, I was able to pursue that passion, but early in 2016, that began to change, as new restrictions were put on my job positions; restrictions that would negate the work I had done over the last two years.

Faced with a decision to either sit and watch the quality of the paper to devalue, or be forced from my position, I took the latter. From the decision, the Midwestern Scout was born, as a way to not only continue the work I was doing, but to build upon it.