The Old Red

Gray House

Gray House

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As the automobile became more popular throughout North Dakota, a new transportation system was needed. Among an early portion of that system was the Old Red Trail.

What originally began as a rudimentary dirt road, eventually evolved into a state highway, and finally, a scenic byway.

The purpose of this project is to explore the importance of the Old Red, and preserve the history of the area. Through the use of the written word, as well as photos and video, the intention is to bring the route to life.


While we live in a digital age, part of what is unique about this project is that much of it will be captured on film. By going the route of film, many of the photos will be much more archival, allowing the project, and the history it is recording, a better chance of being preserved for future generations.

The use of film also means that each image will be a bit more deliberate. The history each photo captures will be a bit more thought out, with the hope that the effort will shine through.

Community Support

To help bring this project fully to light, I am looking for support from the community. The history of this area is expansive and diverse, and often, a bit hidden.

There are two main ways that the community can help. The first is through your own stories, your histories, your photos. History is more than just chronological facts; it is also about personal memories and stories.

My goal is to compile those stories, those photos, those memories into one place. If you have such stories, I want to sit down with you, and listen to the history you’ve experienced, to record for posterity those events.

The second way to help support this project is through donations and sponsorships.

However, I also want to give back to all those who support this endeavor. Which is why those who do back this project will receive some special, limited edition prints, from this project.

For those who donate $1-10, they will receive 1 limited edition print
$11-20, 2 limited edition prints
$21-30, 3 limited edition prints
$31-40, 4 limited edition prints
$41-50, 5 limited edition prints, and so forth, up to 10 prints.

To donate to this project, go to our GoFundMe account at:

For those who would like to sponsor this project, or would like more information, send me an email at

The Sims Church, in Sims N.D. Taken with a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, made in May of 1955. (Dustin White)

The Sims Church, in Sims N.D. Taken with a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, made in May of 1955. (Dustin White)

Photos from April 4, 2016. Sims and Almont