Wonder of an Old Photo

A Past Restored
Dustin White

Time is just a series of fleeting moments. Often it passes, without much acknowledgement; just giving way to the future. 

At other times, those fleeting moments can be captured, and as long as they are preserved, can live on, possibly indefinitely. 

That is what a photograph does. It takes a brief span of time, often just a fraction of a second, and allows it to live on. 

A good photograph will tell a story. While the original story may no longer be known; the thoughts and feelings of those captured having been lost, it continues to speak to the viewer. Simply, it is a bit magical. 

The story behind this particular story, at least for me, has been lost. However, one can still garner pieces of information. Dressed in their Sunday clothing, a group of teens are entering St. Joseph Catholic Church. 

Was this a special occasion, or just a regular Sunday? While the details may be desired, they are not necessarily needed. 

Part of the wonder of this photo is in the mystery. A mystery that is enhanced by where the focus is drawn. 

Who is this young woman, standing center in the photo? Could she possibly have been the photographer’s daughter? Or maybe she just captured their eye, as she turned to acknowledge them, while most of the other students ignored his presence?

Unanswered questions, which may one day be brought to light as the photograph once again is brought out of hiding. 

Whether or not the mystery of this photo is eventually solved may not be important though. What we are still given is a brief moment in time, which will hopefully survive much longer than any of us.  

As future generations look back, they will get to see a snapshot of the areas past. It will give them a little better understanding of the area’s history, even if that is only what youth once wore to church.